So, you’ve decided you want to redesign your kitchen – now to consider the layout. Layout is key, as often space is wasted due to poor design. An always popular layout is the U-shaped kitchen, which is similar is style to a galley kitchen but utilises one end of the run of cabinets as well.


There are a number of pros to a U-shaped kitchen which can be credited for its enduring popularity. Firstly, all of the available space is used, meaning there is more room for appliances and other items such as sinks. The extra worktop space is never a bad thing either – no more struggling to find space as the dishes stack up during cooking! However, as with all things, there are cons to this design as well. Space can be lost in the corners with a poor design, and it is often a choice between a U-shaped kitchen or an island/breakfast bar.


Here are a number of tips on designing your U-shaped kitchen;

1. Start with your hob/oven and work around the kitchen from there. The most important part of the kitchen, the hob must be a certain distance from any panels or wall cabinets to comply with safety regulations. Often, the best place is at the top of the U-shape with the two opposing sides running away from the oven. This way, there is ample space for pots and pans, and anything else you need to hand.


               Traditional kitchen with hob


2. Where are the windows? Where does the light in the room come from? The best positioning for a sink or tap is centred in front of the window if there is one available, as not only does it mean the area is well lit, but also allows for a nice view while doing the washing up!


     A perfectly positioned sink by the window


3. An often overlooked storage space is the corners of a U-shaped kitchen. With a plethora of smart storage systems, it’s possible to fully utilise these spaces. A carousel with folding doors or magic corner are storage innovations which ensure your kitchen always looks neat and tidy.


                               Magic Corner

                             Carousel Storage



4. Go against convention and opt for curved doors if you want something different in your space. Moving away from the ultra-structured look of a standard U-shaped kitchen, the curved doors are often a design-based choice, down to personal preference and functionality.


                       Curved corner doors


There are a huge number of design options for your new kitchen, hence why it’s so important to consider why YOU use the kitchen – it must be functional and designed to your specifications above all else!