On Trend

New Kitchen Ranges, On Trend Colours, Exciting Kitchens

Take A Look At Our Top 5 'On Trend' Designs

Our suppliers have brought out a new line of kitchen designs, new ‘on-trend’ colours offering a wide range of designs for feature doors and panels, exciting new finishes like the Ferro range where every panel is unique.  Call us on 01273 774999 for more information


1. New Ferro Range

Lacquered oxidised finish in Copper, Brass or Iron

We feel this is a brand new look is powerful and dramatic.  Combined with other finishes you will create a kitchen space that you or any visitor will never forget.

Showcasing the Ferro Oxidised Copper, the Ferro Brass and the Ferro Iron finished surfaces

The Ferro range comes in three very different finishes with Brass, Iron and Copper.  Each offering  2 different stages of oxidisation to give 2 different looks.  The finishes are either heavily oxidised or a much more simple colour look  Be one of the first to have this style by calling 01273 774999 for further details or get us to plan you kitchen today.

2. New Aldana Shaker Door

Modern Look, Innovative Design, Uncomplicated Styling

We feel this is a brand new modern looking thinner framed shaker door offers a powerful and dramatic look.  Combined with other kitchen finishes you will create a kitchen space that any visitor to your kitchen is sure to remember.

A modern look for a Shaker Door, the new Aldana range gives a dynamic injection of colour creating a decidedly modern look.  Uncomplicated styling, clean lines and new design features results in a contemporary space.  Want the new look?  contact us on 01273 774999 for more details.

The Aldana Shaker Door Range, showcasing the new colours of Airforce Blue, Bespoke Painted Yellow, Stone, Heather and Viridian

3. New Belgravia Beaded Shaker Door

True Elegance Inframe Design, Visible Woodgrain and Painted Finish

A luxury feel to this new kitchen.  This range with inframe door with subtle beading around the centre panel offers a great looking kitchen.  Coupled with a wide range of colours you will create a kitchen space that you or any visitor will never forget.

The showcase here we have Midnight and Porcelain, Lavendar Gray and Cashmere, Parisian Blue and Stone

The epitome of true elegance, Belgravia brings both style and substance to your home.  The detailed inframe design features superb quality painted finish with a visible woodgrain finish.  With the wide range of colours offered in this range, we are sure you can achieve the desired look you are after.  Call 01273 774999 for more information.

4. New Colours In Existing Ranges

New Colours For Existing Ranges

Strong colours are the order of the modern day. The newly introduced standard range colours for our existing kitchens will allow you to develop feature areas at a much better price. Call us today on 01273 774999 for more details on our colours

Strong colours go hand in hand with strong design. We have new bold textures and colours across the ranges allowing an audacious lifestyle statement to be said with your kitchen design. Want the new look?  contact us on 01273 774999 for more details.

New colours showcased and available across the kitchen ranges, including Veridian and Heather, Gun Metal and Light Blue, Deep Forest, Marine and Teale, Pantry Blue. Great new colours for any home.

5. Accessories and Ideas

New Concepts For Your Kitchen

Finding the clever ideas that make your kitchen work for you can always prove difficult. Take look at our smart and convenient internal storage ideas to transform the way your kitchen operates. Call us today on 01273 774999 for more details.

Offering a great use of space to organise your kitchen. Offering a number of larder units, bars and draw inserts will help you organise your kitchen.

The beauty of a kitchen is creating functional work spaces and organised areas.  These clever ideas can make your kitchen work for you and really show off the functionality of your new kitchen.   Call 01273 774999 to clarify what we can offer on these clever options for your kitchen.