“Unicorn themed” is a descriptor we’ve all heard hundreds of times at this point, and yet our collective desire for unicorn-themed things shows no signs of slowing down – unicorn clothes, unicorn food, unicorn hair, unicorn pool inflatables… and now, the unicorn kitchen. Yep, you heard that right – the unicorn kitchen. Really, it shouldn’t be that surprising; surely this is the inevitable conclusion to this all-consuming trend, and how much do we have left that hasn’t been given a unicorn twist anyway? I say embrace the unicorn kitchen! Here’s a few tips on acknowledging this fun trend – whether you go all out and put unicorns on everything, or just take some inspiration.


  1. Colour. Is. Everything.

If you’re going straight from ‘normal’ kitchen to ‘unicorn’ kitchen, the first thing to consider is wall colour. Wall colour has a huge impact on a room, and can define the mood far more than any decor can. When we consider what it is to be a unicorn, the first things that spring to mind are as follows; a) pink. Pink everything. Light pink contrasted with dark pink. Maybe some purple, if you’re feeling adventurous. But always, always in pastel shades, a defining factor of what makes something ‘unicorn-ified’. b) sparkly. I’m talking sparkly backsplashes, sparkly floor tiles, sparkly work surfaces, sparkly grout even. If it’s got glitter in it, it’s going in the kitchen. c) iridescent features. Iridescence has taken off as a decor trend, in part as a result of the unicorn obsession, and it’s not hard to see why. Undeniably pretty to look at, it’s the perfect accent – it goes with most block colours, and anything from cutlery to photo frames can pop out with an iridescent finish.

  1. Metallic Finishes

If you hadn’t already noticed, copper and mint green have blown up as a decor trend over the last year. The perfect tropical colour scheme, they’re a pairing that compliment each other well, and can also provide a materialistic contrast – mint green should be a matte texture, with the copper looking it’s bright and shiny best. They’re a key element of the unicorn trend, as are other metallics – think gaudy golds, burnished brass, and reflective silvers, but make sure to take one and stick with it! To stop the room looking overdone and busy, ideally use one metallic finish and one, two or absolute maximum three matte pastel shades throughout.

  1. Tiling and Backsplash

Your choice of backsplash is a fantastic opportunity to go all out unicorn; we’re talking sparkly, bold colours (or even rainbows if you’re feeling really brave!) and statement colour blocking. This is your time to shine – both metaphorically and literally. Do some research and don’t make a rushed decision; backsplashes and tiling can get pricey quickly, and you want to make sure it’s worth it. There’s a vast range of glass backsplashes on the market, so you’re sure to find something that suits your house, while maintaining that unicorn vibe. Tiling is another versatile option, as the texture finishes applied to tiles can be very effective. Tiling is a great opportunity to work some iridescence in if you haven’t managed to already, and is available in a variety almost as big as that of glass backsplashes. Get unique with the colour of your tiles – this is a great opportunity to move away from pastels and into stronger colours that make a real unicorn-y impact.


Of course, finish off your unicorn themed kitchen with some extra cute unicorn touches – after all, anything can be unicorn themed these days! Some rainbow mugs, a few glam candles, and a few unicorn prints are the perfect finishing touches. Go forth and be unicorns, my friends!

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