The all-white everything kitchen has been an interior-design staple of the last few years, but recently we’ve noticed colour creeping back into even the most modern of kitchen set ups. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate a dash of colour into even the most contemporary of kitchens, while keeping that spacious, light feel.

  1. Cabinets
  2. Your cabinets are the building blocks of your kitchen. Often reduced to merely functional objects, they can be the best and boldest way to integrate colour into your kitchen. If your walls and floor are neutral, why not update your cabinet doors for a personality injection? Available in thousands of styles and colours, it’s cheaper than ripping the kitchen out and starting from scratch, and gives you the freedom to experiment with a new look – how about contemporary farmhouse with a sleek shaker door in a non-traditional colour such as a sea green? Or if that’s not your style, consider a slab handle-less replacement in a darker shade – perhaps a matte graphite for a warmer, homelier vibe.

    Belgravia Door Collection in Prussian Blue

  3.  2. Furniture

    A breakfast bar or kitchen island can be a versatile addition to any kitchen. If you’ve already got one, or are considering getting one installed, take the opportunity to revamp your space. A tin of paint and an afternoons work can cheaply and easily re-invigorate your island, but if that’s not how you want to spend your day off, another option is a burst of colour in the form of bright red bar stools, or a sunny yellow table and chairs. For a renter-friendly option, upcycle a kitchen trolley to suit your style while also adding more storage and surface space.

  4. 3. Appliances

    Many appliance manufacturers offer certain products in unconventional colours, such as Le Creuset’s Aqua kettle, or Smeg’s huge range of bright and pastel fridges. Bocchi even offers a classic butlers sink in Sapphire Blue, disregarding the traditional ceramic or chrome style entirely. Not for the faint of heart, a coloured appliance can be a bold move, but with the right eye for design can demonstrate your unique home decor tastes.

    Contrasting appliances and storage spaces can                              add a pop of colour

  5. 4. Backsplash

    It’s a Pinterest cliche, but an improved backsplash can bring new life into a kitchen. Gone are the days of magnolia and off-white, replaced instead with patterned tiles or coloured glass to add a high-end fashionable look. Find a palette of colours you like and mix and match your tiles for a creative statement, or go off the beaten track and find an unconventionally shaped tile – we’re big fans of hexagonal or triangular tiles. There’s even renter-friendly options; peel and stick tiles are cheap and easy to apply, and can be removed once your tenancy is up. If your space is small, seek out something light and reflective – a light yellow, blue, or green – to bounce the light around and add the illusion of a more spacious room.

    A coloured backsplash in dark blue adds some variation

  6. 5. Walls

    If replacing your cabinet doors seems like too much of a commitment, or your unsure about a bold coloured appliance, a quick, cheap, and easy renovation is to paint the walls. They don’t all have to be a bold block colour; a feature wall never goes out of style, whether it’s a cute wallpaper or statement shade, and can be easily changed if you change your mind.

    Feature walls are a great and easy way to include extra colour

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