Pure White Flat Gloss Door

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    The classic door that fits the bill to refresh your kitchen. The flat or slab door offers a mirror high gloss finish which in turn offers your kitchen that modern urban feel for those that want a bright kitchen. Add your own colour with accessories and furnishings.

    We offer accessories of plinth, cornice, pelmet, end panels and curved doors to match.  The handles are not included in the price of the door, we do offer a great range of handles for you to look at.

    Hinge Holes

    We can drill hinge holes as you require, let us know the position of the where you want the holes drilled from the top and bottom of the door we will supply the doors pre-drilled to you.

    Product Specification

    Colour Pure White
    Thickness 18mm thick
    Style Plain Slab door
    Material MDF core
    Finish Painted with gloss lacquered finish


    Additional information

    Door Size

    110mm x 596mm, 140mm x 296mm, 140mm x 396mm, 140mm x 446mm, 140mm x 496mm, 140mm x 596mm, 140mm x 796mm, 140mm x 896mm, 140mm x 996mm, 175mm x 396mm, 175mm x 496mm, 175mm x 596mm, 283mm x 496mm, 283mm x 596mm, 283mm x 796mm, 283mm x 896mm, 283mm x 996mm, 355mm x 496mm, 355mm x 596mm, 355mm x 796mm, 355mm x 896mm, 355mm x 996mm, 450mm x 596mm, 490mm x 596mm, 570mm x 296mm, 570mm x 396mm, 570mm x 446mm, 570mm x 496mm, 570mm x 596mm, 645mm x 596mm, 715mm x 147mm, 715mm x 256mm, 715mm x 277mm, 715mm x 296mm, 715mm x 313mm, 715mm x 346mm, 715mm x 396mm, 715mm x 446mm, 715mm x 496mm, 715mm x 546mm, 715mm x 596mm, 895mm x 296mm, 895mm x 396mm, 895mm x 446mm, 895mm x 496mm, 895mm x 596mm, 980mm x 596mm, 1245mm x 256mm, 1245mm x 296mm, 1245mm x 396mm, 1245mm x 446mm, 1245mm x 496mm, 1245mm x 596mm, 1965mm x 296mm, 1965mm x 396mm, 1965mm x 496mm, 1965mm x 596mm, 715mm external curved door, 895mm external curved door, 1245mm external curved door, 355mm x 796mm frame door, 355mm x 996mm frame door, 715mm x 396mm frame door, 715mm x 496mm frame door, 715mm x 496mm frame, 715mm x 596mm frame door, 895mm x 496mm frame, 1061mm x 496mm frame door, 1965mm x 596mm side handled door, 3050mm x 150mm plinth, Internal curved plinth, Curved plinth, 3050mm x 56mm x 52mm tangent pelmet, Curved tangent pelmet, 3050mm x 50mm x 16mm, 792mm x 350mm x 18mm end panel, 900mm x 650mm x 18mm end panel, 2400mm x 650mm x 18mm end panel, 2400mm x 900mm x 18mm end panel, 2400mm x 650mm x 19mm end panel, 900mm x 650mm x 22mm end panels, 2400mm x 900mm x 19mm end panel, 792mm x 350mm x 22mm end panel, 900mm x 650mm x 22mm shaped end panel, 2400mm x 650mm x 22mm end panel, 2400mm x 650mm x18mm T & G end panel, 3050mm x 80mm 108mm tangent cornice, internal square end curved cornice, Curved cornice block, curved tangent cornice, 2400mm x 80mm x 40.5mm curved end, 3050mm x 45mm x 35mm square end cornice/pelmet, 715mm x 70mm corner post, 40.5mm x 40.5mm x 35mm corner block, 715mm x 60mm x 60mm corner post shaped, 2400mm x 80mm x 40.5mm curved end post, 900mm x 58mm x 58mm external corner post, 720mm x 70mm internal corner, 900mm x 46mm external corner, 2400mm x 46mm external corner, 720mm x 60mm x 60mm corner post slab, 2400mm x 100mm x 50mm straight end pillar, 2400mm x 100mm x 50mm curved end pillar, 1200mm plate rack, 1500mm bottle rack, 1500mm complete mantel kit, 2150mm x 200mm mantel shelf, 1500mm x 296mm mantel side, 1500mm x 296mm mantel top, 200mm x 90mm mantel corbel


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