Kitchen Offers

Take a look at our latest offers on our luxury kitchens.  The 8 unit price is an indicative price using the Wren 8 units.  You can see we are significantly cheaper than Wren.  So before ordering from the high street let us quote and be surprised you can have the luxury kitchen at a price you can afford.

*8 Unit Kitchen

up to 50% cheaper than Wren

Plus 10% off across all our kitchens

Using our indicator prices for 8 units, we are up to 50% cheaper than Wren.  We keep our prices low so you can get a luxury looking kitchen at a great price.  Contact us today and receive 10% off when you pay the balance.

Great Value and Quality

We believe in giving all of our customers great value and great service.   Order online or let us quote we are just a phone call away.   Compare our prices to the high street and we are 50% cheaper on our kitchen ranges with Wrens.  Get a cheaper, better quality kitchen by talking to us today on 01273 774999 or order online.